nativity scene pop up installation

nativity scene pop up installation

First United Methodist Church, Los Angeles

NOW Art is an association based in the city of Los Angeles, California, of women who work in favor of bringing art to the streets and making it accessible to all, based on the premise cliché that in Los Angeles nobody consumes art.

For a few years they have been working with the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles, a congregation that has a woman pastor and usually meets in a corner of the city, as a pop-up. Every December they set up, in that corner, an art installation as a nativity scene that alludes to a different theme.

When that topic was Jesus Was a Refugee, they contacted us to work on the elaboration of the nativity scene–installation with a Mexican woman illustrator. We immediately thought of María Conejo: her work fulfilled everything we wanted.

This is how we began to work on the proposals to quickly reach the final result, a nativity scene that was also an art installation on a parking lot (it was at 1020 Flower St.), walkable and with a strong and forceful message of what it means to be a refugee on this time.