hand illustrated bottles

hand illustrated bottles

Don Julio 70

For the second edition of our Fair, in 2015, one of the sponsors was Tequila Don Julio 70. Owners of a very stripped transparent bottle, they seemed ideal for us to intervene by the hand of four illustrators: Álvaro Verduzco, Eliane Mancera, mjolkie, and Rigo Rocha.

The result was 12 unique bottles that were on display at GSM2015.

After that exhibition, Inworx Agency (part of the Charles Taylor InsureTech group) contacted us to replicate the task and intervene some bottles of tequila by two of these illustrators, with the purpose of delivering them as business gifts.

These new bottles, each unique and unrepeatable, were prepared together with personalized letters for each recipient, labeled, and arranged in gift bags.

GSM was in charge of managing the entire process.