Do you have an open call?
No. GSM is in charge of selecting the participating illustrators for each edition and does not have an open call at the moment.

Can I send you my work?
Of course! Although we do not have an open call, it is always good to see what illustrators are up to, so we ask you to send us your work to have you on our list to info@gran.salon

How is the modality to attend the Fair?
Each edition of GSM is free to enter. Once we announce the date of the next edition, expect that you will be able to attend at no cost. We also recommend that you be aware of all the updated information that we are sharing on our social media channels.

What happens during the Fair?
Every year, GSM organizes a 3-day Contemporary Illustration Fair with Mexican illustrators who seem to us the most representative of the moment and an international guest. Each illustrator participates with two to four pieces and everything exhibited is for sale. Each piece has a certificate of authenticity as we are committed to art collecting. We also do educational activities.

Are there other items for sale during the Fair?
We have a lot of other things besides illustrations. Every year we hand pick books focused on illustration, fanzines, objects made by illustrators (from socks and shorts to blankets and cups, for example) and things that we think may interest you.

Do the activities within the Fair have a cost?
No. We take care that all educational activities within the Fair are free.

How can I be part of these activities?
All the activities within the Fair have limited capacity and prior registration, except for the talks that are on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the dates are announced, we open the registrations about 20 days before the Fair starts. We recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to find out before anyone else when the events open for registration. After notifying by that means, we notify in our social media channels.

If I want to spend the day on GSM, can I eat and drink at the Fair?
100% yes! We take care that there is coffee and food so that you can stay with us as long as you want.

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