About Us

Gran Salon Mexico is an independent initiative that promotes and disseminates the current world of illustration in Mexico. Its flagship format is a Fair dedicated to contemporary Mexican illustration that takes place annually in Mexico City and celebrated its first edition in 2014.

GSM is in charge of selecting the illustrators that will be featured on each edition of the Fair. The event pursues different purposes, which can be categorized into two main groups. The first is to position the work of the illustrators by promoting art collection (from micro to macro) through sales, and also presenting their work to different agents (creatives, art directors, interior designers, etc.) to generate possible collaborations work-wise. The other group is education, organizing and giving talks on the profession of illustrating, workshops and portfolio reviews: these activities are combined in each edition of GSM and are replicated throughout the year. On a day-to-day basis, GSM also manages different collaborations with a wide range of illustrators, and is constantly working on a national and international network that can help to promote the visibility of the illustration.

Together with its annual edition in Mexico, GSM is also a Mexican exponent for the world as part of events taking place in different cities. The 2018 destination of the Fair was Colombia (with presence in Bogota and Medellin), together with other activities in Bologna, Buenos Aires, Cardiff, Guadalajara, Lima, London, San Luis Potosí, Tampico, and different events in Mexico City.

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