What do you do?
We are an agency that links the work of our pool of illustrators with brands, the public and private sector, festivals, institutions, publishers, public spaces, creatives, interior designers, and any brand or agent that needs to develop a project with an illustrator.

How do you select the illustrators for each project?
The selection of illustrators depends on each project. Our job is to listen to the needs of each client and, based on that, put together a list of candidates that we think are ideal for that project. We review this list with the client to select who will carry out the work.

Do you only work with illustrators?
No. Although it is what we do in a high percentage, we also work with designers and artists, in addition to other areas that may be needed to complete a job, such as web developers, printers, etc. In addition, GSM has more than 20 years of experience in graphic and publishing design, so we combine this in the projects that need it.

I have a brand or project that I want to develop with GSM, do you charge me to talk about it?
No. First we have a call or we meet to understand the needs of the project, without charging for this. Once we choose the way to go and with whom, we put together a budget and a time table to follow where we will make sure that everything happens in a timely manner.

Does my project have to be Mexican?
Not at all! Although our base is in Mexico City, we work with projects anywhere in the world.

As an illustrator, can I be part of the agency?
Our base of illustrators is constantly updated. If you think you could be part, send us your work in just one link or PDF to info@gran.salon

Do you represent illustrators?
Unlike agencies that represent certain illustrators, GSM has a pool that grows daily and does not represent any one in particular, instead we connect with the illustrator who seems to us that it will fit perfectly with the job.

Are all illustrators Mexican?
Most of them are, but we also work with different Latin American illustrators. We like to focus on our continent because there is a lot of talent and we want to bring it out into the world.

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