Uruguay Illustration Award

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In Latin America it is not common that illustration is a university degree. This makes rare the existence of a national illustration award that recognizes the work done in this discipline.

Uruguay is the best country, says a song, and the existence of the Uruguay Illustration Prize only confirms it.

This award, which began at the same time as GSM, has a very close relationship with us: for being the same age, for pursuing the same purposes, and for betting on Latin American culture.

For the second edition of the GSM Fair, we welcomed Andrés Silva, a Uruguayan illustrator as an international guest, who was able to be part of our activities thanks to the National Directorate of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay, a fact that further deepened our ties.

When the Prize opened its call for Unique Illustration (until then it was only possible to compete with Children’s and Youth Narrative), they decided to invite us to be part of the celebration, bringing the work of two Mexican illustrators to show both types of work. Amanda Mijangos (MX) participated with Narrative for Children and Youth, and Jimena Estíbaliz (MX) with Unique Illustration. Both works were added to the exhibition that takes place each year initially in the city of Montevideo and then runs through all the Uruguayan dependencies.

This visit, in addition to sealing a working friendship of several years, allowed us to know more in depth what is happening at the illustration level in the country. We left with many contacts and full of positive energy. Uruguay is the best country ©.

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