Patterns for Potosí Recipes

client Papel Metal for Secretaría de Cultura de San Luis Potosí

Maru Aguzzi, director of GSM, is a graphic designer dedicated to publishing work for more than 20 years, which is why she received a proposal to design a series of books with popular recipes from Potosí cuisine and its four regions.

The idea of ​​these books, by Miguel Iwadare, was perfect: it combined design and recipes from a very vast region of Mexico, but because all of them were popular and customs are changing, some were (are) in risk of disappearing, this is why the books were even more important.

But because of the fact that the recipes were popular made it difficult to photograph them, since production was very difficult. This led us to think of illustrations to complete the designs in an organic way.

We needed to illustrate the regions, and have patterns that separate the chapters and enrich other sections of the books. When the idea for the pattern appeared, we immediately thought of Eliane Mancera, an illustrator from Tijuana with whom we had already done other projects and who, we knew, has a great hand in generating sequences.

The result was a series of illustrations that did not have a single change, all were perfect within each book and continue to be one of our great prides.

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