National Lottery Tickets

client National Lottery of Mexico + SEDECO

It all started with the first Metro ticket that we did, illustrated by Dr. Alderete. The day they gave us the tickets and in the midst of the madness that had been generated in the media and users – something unexpected that took us all by surprise – they contacted us from SEDECO to tell us that the illustration used in the metro ticket had been so well received internally that they wanted to replicate it on a National Lottery ticket.

The decision had to be made that day, but Alderete was traveling and it was difficult to find. In the stress of that particular day, between calls, emails, notes, messages everywhere, we managed to contact Alderete who happily accepted the proposal to adapt his illustration to a horizontal format.

Thus was born this ticket that had a special presentation inside the National Lottery building. What we don’t know is who took home the big prize.

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