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Through a curatorial council led by Graciela Kasep and made up of professionals Cynthia Gómez, Omar Cruz and Ricardo Lozano, the Museum of the Object MODO created the exhibition Mexicalidad.

The exhibition reviews the work, thought and creative process that accompanies a young generation of designers in Mexico. It contains a selection of pieces and projects that make up a sample of what is currently being produced in our country based on design, on various scales: from the private to the public sphere.

GSM was summoned to be part of the exhibition with pieces that we generate together with various illustrators for the public sector. This is how the market posters and metro tickets had their place at this diverse expo.

The exhibition ran from October 2018 to February 2019 in MODO. It was also exhibited at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC, in San Antonio, Texas, and will continue to rotate through other cities around the world.

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