Illustrations for the DIVERGENT Campaign

client Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico


June is LGBTIQ+ pride month, a busy month that reminds us the importance of tolerance among human beings and equal rights. In times of pandemic and not being able to demonstrate on the streets, the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico and Cuba, together with AECID, decided to give visibility to the LGBTIQ+ community through an initiative on social networks.


This is how DIVERGENTES was born, a dialogue between cultures that, through illustration, captured different themes related to this theme and that were shared digitally during the month of June.

With this in mind, the CCEMx contacted us to manage the selection of the five Mexican illustrators who would represent the country and the various themes to represent. The task was to lean towards the work of illustrators with a great use and management of color and with something to say. This is how we got to Chabaski, Enrique Larios, María Conejo, Pamela Medina and Radriguez, who represented a theme that they themselves chose and which were posted by the three Spanish representations.

These works are also intended to be printed and physically exhibited at the CCEMx.

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