Illustrated Metro Tickets

client SEDECO for Sistema de Transporte Colectivo de la Ciudad de Mexico (Metro)

In 2015, together with the Secretariat of Economic Development of Mexico City (SEDECO), Gran Salon Mexico managed a collaboration with Dr. Alderete who, under the theme of markets, was in charge of illustrating one of the metro ticket runs for the City’s Transportation System. In 2016 we collaborated again to get a series of six metro tickets, each one illustrating a different market in CDMX. In June 2016, the first collaboration came out illustrating the Mercado Melchor Múzquiz (located in San Ángel, near the home-studio of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera), which was in charge of Alejandro Magallanes.

Each ticket had a circulation of 10 million and they reached the ticket offices of each line that makes up the CDMX metro system.

The average number of passengers per day is 4.5 million, so each run sold out quickly. In these cases, in addition, there is an extra factor that makes each special edition sell out even faster: the image is so strong that those who usually buy a ticket per trip, on these occasions, bought an extra one to keep it, and those who do not use the subway as a means of transportation went down to the ticket offices to buy several for the same purpose; something unprecedented that fills us with pride.

metro ticket x Alejandro Magallanes + GSM
out: June 27, 2016
circulation: 10 million

metro ticket x Dr. Alderete + GSM
out: October 1, 2015
circulation: 10 million

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