Illustrated Food Markets on Posters

client SEDECO for Mi Mercado

This project was the one that initially connected us with SEDECO and the trigger for Metro tickets and the National Lottery, so we have a special love for it.

With the idea of showing the diversity and colors that exist in each public food market in Mexico City, it occurred to us to summon different artists to illustrate what they think represents a market in their own perspective.

The result was a series of completely different posters, showing different elements and situations that refer to life in the markets. Those invited were Alejandro Magallanes, Álvaro Verduzco, Daniel Berman, Dr. Alderete, Eliane Mancera, Elisa Malo, María Luque, mjolkie, Rachel Levit Ruiz and Rigo de la Rocha.

The campaign was active on different occasions, with posters inside subway cars and on the public thoroughfare of the CDMX.

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