Illustrated Bars Guide

clients Gatopardo and for The Singleton

Prior to the sixth edition of GSM, and to accompany the fair, we were contacted by Gatopardo magazine with the idea of ​​generating a guide to bars recommended by and illustrated by artists from Gran Salon Mexico, who would also share their own suggestion of a cocktail made with The Singleton, partners behind this idea.

These places would be near Loot, the location of our fair. The task required generating some static images and others in motion, so the choice of illustrators had to be very well thought out.

We decided on Deachete, Enrique Sañudo, Jimena Estíbaliz and JVG Estudio. Each one went to the bar that we gave them to choose to make them feel more comfortable and like those jobs where you forget you’re working, they asked for the drink they wanted to have and it was prepared with The Singleton. To complete the task that the guide’s assembly required, we accompanied each one on their visit to the bar and with all that a one-pager was assembled that is still very useful and, of course, very nice.

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