Illustrated Art on the Sets of Unstoppable

client Caponeto Production Company for Netflix

Our first job for a tv show! The day we met with Caponeto’s art team we did not dimension the task we were diving into. Not because of what it implied on our part, but because of the exposure that the illustrators’ work would have.

The most common practice is that the art teams that work on each set of a series or film will use art pieces without copyright and free use that meet the necessary color palette and aesthetic needs, but in the case of Unstoppable, a Mexican series for Netflix, we decided to add female voices to a women’s story.

So it was that after reviewing each set proposal and understanding the personality and twist of each protagonist, we started looking for illustrators who could be a visual part of the story.

We add the work of Alejandra García y Gutiérrez, COBRA, Elisa Malo, Hola Lou, Jimena Estíbaliz, María Conejo, María Luque, Minerva GM, Pamela Medina and Powerpaola, ten woman illustrators that can be seen running through the entire series, from beginning to end, providing unique content to the scenes that make up Desenfrenadas, the series created by Diego Martínez Ulanosky and produced by Caponeto.

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