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In 2015, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for the Mexico-UK Dual Year, we took our fair to Great Britain, specifically to the cities of Cardiff and London. Part of the project included visiting and getting to know the world of local illustration in depth, visiting all kinds of agencies that work in this field to show them the work of Mexican illustrators, understand their work modality, and strengthen a network that we began to weave in the first edition.

This is how we come to D&AD, a non-profit design and advertising agency that, above all, promotes the work of new talents. In the meeting we had with them, we told them about the current scene of illustration and design in Mexico City; there was a lot of interest on their part so a few days later they commissioned us to write an article about it to publish on their website.

We decided to address the issue from the edition of the first Metro ticket illustrated by Dr. Alderete and briefly tell the social context of the City from that event. The text was very well received and can be read here.

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