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client Travesias Media

Our agency is 100% linked to the publishing world, so this type of project is one of those that fits like a glove.

The prestigious Latin American chronicle magazine Gatopardo commissioned us to find them an illustrator who could work each month on the cover of the Atelier section where portraits of different characters linked to culture are presented.

In this case, the task had very specific guidelines from the art director. Based on these guidelines, our work focused on a worldwide search for someone who seemed to meet the needs. Thus we came to the work of Zé, a Brazilian illustrator, and the result could be seen month after month on the cover of Atelier within Gatopardo.

We were also commissioned to manage the work of an artist who could illustrate a preview of the book Paisajeros, by Pablo Zulaica Parra. The theme was defined and in this case the search was based on styles. The one chosen for this task was Carolina Monterrubio, a Mexican illustrator who is part of our agency.

Travesías magazine is about travel, places and lifestyle. For them we were in charge of curating the cover of the Check-in section for more than two years, where we presented a world map imagined by a different illustrator every month. The result is a beautiful and extensive collection of maps of the world.

On one occasion, they had a chronicle that had been around for a long time and never quite found its place. Talking about this, we realized that the problem with the text was the photos assigned to it, so we decided to entrust the graphic part to María Luque, an Argentine illustrator who is part of the GSM family. 

When it was time to publish a chronicle about a sailing trip in the Croatian sea, they contacted us again and we did not hesitate to propose the work of Roberta Di Paolo. We are not wrong.

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