dF de Diseño

client Travesias Media


Before our city took the name of CDMX, the undisputed guide of what to do, where to eat, shop, etc. it was the dF Guide. Born as a biweekly magazine, in the last years of publication it took the form of an annual book that each year approached the city from a different subject.

Maru Aguzzi, director of GSM and publishing designer for more than 20 years, was in charge of designing dF from the beginning. A few years after leaving Travesias Media and thus stopping designing the Guide, while preparing the first edition of the GSM fair, she was summoned by the publisher to be the guest editor of the new guide, which would talk about design in the City.

The idea of ​​being able to close such an important circle with a product that became indispensable for the defeños was unthinkable. Designing a guide to end up being the content editor and speaking, no less, that about all types of designs was a great honor.

And although the timing was not the best but with all the love for this city and the guide, while the first GSM fair was being put together, the content of dF de diseño was defined, the last of its kind since it was later renamed local.mx

The guide was designed by Daniel Castrejón (we are fans of his work).

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