Custom Sneakers’ Intervention

client Private Gift

And one day they asked us for a personalized gift. We had already coordinated illustrated gifts but for the first time it was person to person, without brands involved. The idea was already defined and they were going to be classic white sneakers intervened with some theme alluding to the person and the reason why they had thought about this gift.

We talked with the client to understand the style of what they wanted and without hesitation we decided on the strokes of Manuel Bueno. The coordinates were: Christophe, French resident of Mexico, returns to live in France.

The illustrator’s job was to produce a series of illustrations that represented both worlds and could live both on paper and in the chosen sneakers. Manuel’s conceptualization was based on the customs of both countries when it comes to food and drink, added to the idea of ​​bumping one’s shoes to go from one place to another as the character Dorothy did in the movie The Wizard of Oz.

The result was two original pieces that play with the cross between oh la la and o ra le, and a symbolic toast between a glass of red wine and a shot of tequila. The gift was completed with the intervention of the box (and Christophe returned happily to France).

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