Ara Deg Festival

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ara deg festival gran salon mexico
ara deg festival gran salon mexico
Ara Deg Festival Gran Salon Mexico

Long before bringing GSM to Cardiff, the capital of Wales, we were a fan of that country thanks to the Separado! mockumentary created by and starring Gruff Rhys, frontman of the band Super Furry Animals. The film is a personal hypnotic journey that talks about immigration and loss / use of language (we highly recommend it).

Welsh as a native language is in danger of extinction and action must be taken. Gruff Rhys is very committed to this type of cause and this was what led him to think about the first edition of the Ara Deg Festival in the city of Bethesda, in the north of the Welsh country.

The festival was held for three days at the venue Neuadd Ogwen, and Rhys himself contacted us to be part of the event with Mexican illustrations. He had seen the exhibit we brought to Cardiff a few years earlier and wanted to replicate it in some way.

We took as a starting point the extinction of the Welsh language and how Mexico goes through the same with indigenous languages, so we decided to add the work that Hola Combo Agency is doing with the 68 voices project to make this problem visible through illustration.

We collected illustrations belonging to the stories that make up this project, which with animated illustrations tells us about each local language in danger of extinction. They were printed and framed in Bethesda and were part of the first edition of the Ara Deg Festival, bringing together all the voices that we don’t want to go away.

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