Annual Report in Digital Format

client Simone de Beauvoir Institute of Leadership

It is common for many companies to edit a report with precise data and numbers of their annual activities, usually in a printed version that involves shipping logistics.

At the beginning of the year and with the information already defined, the Simone de Beauvoir Leadership Institute (based in Mexico City) contacted us to reformulate the annual report that they had issued, until that moment, in the format of a printed magazine. They were very clear that they did not want to repeat the support and that they had to go digital.

We defined creating a one-pager illustrating the path they had traveled the previous year and, thus, graphing the report in a much more enjoyable, different and easily accessible way.

We found illustrator Minerva GM to be ideal for this task because she meets so many defining factors. One is that she had already worked with the Institute and was perfectly familiar with its work, in addition to the fact that she works easily digitally and usually deals with subjects related to those of the ILSB.

Pandemic through, we added Franyutti Agency to the work team to take care of the web development and we worked on the annual report, which had few observations and came to light organically, in its Spanish and English versions.

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