poster Diversité & creativité

poster Diversité & creativité

Instituto Cervantes Paris

Diversity, in addition to being an inexhaustible source of inspiration, is the agent and structure of an infinite number of creative processes. It is also often the limit for those same creations that may encounter distribution problems due to their own hybrid nature. This diversity, a source of creativity, fundamental in our democratic societies, is increasingly threatened by intransigent, nationalist, and authoritarian discourses.

Diversité & creativité is the name given to a program that brought together 6 creators from Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, and Peru, each with different backgrounds and languages, but an important common link: their work it is born and enriched in that same diversity.

The Instituto Cervantes in Paris commissioned us the poster that would give identity to this program.

We chose Mexican illustrator Amanda Mijangos because she works on the fine line that divides (and unites) language with illustration.

In the author’s words:
The image presents diversity as a language in a block of symbols reminiscent of a text box, building dialogues between the figures and, at the same time, representing elements of the natural and human world.